Global vision

Strategic lines

  • Profitable growth
  • Financial discipline
  • Operational excellence: focus on profitability and complex projects
  • Open innovation and search for differentiation
  • Sustainability health and safety, talent management

Global vision

Businnes lines

Toll roads

Cintra is a world leader in the private development of transport infrastructure, both in terms of number of projects and the volume of investment. It has 20,779 M€ in total managed investment, with technologically innovative projects and high quality standards.


Ferrovial Services is an international benchmark in the maintenance and operation of public and private infrastructures for transport, environment, industry, natural resources (oil, gas and mining) and utilities (water and electricity), and in the provision of facility management services.


Ferrovial Agroman is one of the world leaders in the construction of major transport infrastructures. It is also recognized for its ability to execute all types of civil engineering, industrial, building and water projects.


Ferrovial Airports, one of the main private operators in the world, is the largest shareholder of the airports of Heathrow, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton